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Trustmark Registered Business

2nd Sepember 2021

We are members of the Painting & Decorating Association for 2021

Trustmark Registered Business

2nd Sepember 2021

We have just had our Trustmark registration renewed for 2021

One Piece Murals

8th April 2021

After having attended a course on how to hang one piece murals Iwe are now  looking forward to hanging another!  If you haven't seen one then take  a look at www.wallsauce.com.  They completely transform rooms or commercial spaces and its literally one piece on the whole wall and no joins.  Absolutely stunning finishes! 

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to you all!  

Digital Mural Course


I was due to go on a digital mural course on 7th January 2021 at the Dulux Academy.  Unfortunately due to Covid-19 it has been cancelled (like most things!) but I will be going on it later in the year.   For anyone who has not seen what a digital mural can look like in a room here is a link to some really great murals.