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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you cover?
We cover most areas of East Sussex which includes Lewes to Rye and up as far as Tunbridge Wells and down from Eastbourne to Hastings and everywhere in between!

What is the difference between retail and trade paint (which we use)?

Here are the main differences:

  • Professional paints cover better even after thinning - this can save time, money and avoid extra coats
  • Professional paints have a higher spreading rate than retail - this saves money
  • Larger pack sizes are more economical
  • Professional paints are consistently tested to make sure that they reach the high standards of professional users and their customers
  • Professional paint offers more job specific products so you can use the best materials for the job, getting even better results
  • For a professional result, choose a professional paint.

Why use lining paper?

To Create an Even Base
  • Wallpapering an uneven wall can cause a number of issues and it is likely that the flawless finish you desire won’t materialise. One of the most common reasons lining paper is used is to smooth out the base and help you achieve that even finish. If you have any cracks in the wall, you can use lining paper to disguise any imperfections and the end results will be beautiful.

It Minimises the Risk of Shrinkage

  • One of the most common problems when decorating with wallpaper is shrinkage. This happens when the wallpaper is exposed to moisture as the paper expands when wet. As the wallpaper dries it shrinks back to its original size and this can cause gaps in between the rolls that will only become evident when the paper is dry. High quality lining paper absorbs some of the moisture to help to prevent shrinkage giving a more professional finish.

It Helps to Keep Stains at Bay

  • Old stains on the base of the wall can transfer onto your wallpaper and mar the finish but by taking the time to line your walls first, this provided a barrier to prevent any stains from showing through.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

  • Every layer that you cover your walls with will make your home warmer and acts as insulation. For this reason, it also acts as an energy saver and traps in warmth to save you money on those electric bills.

A Longer Lasting Finish

  • The addition of lining paper ensures that your décor is altogether more durable and as a result your wallpaper will last longer than it would when applied to a dry wall.
  • Lining paper is sometimes thought of as unnecessary expense but applying lining paper comes with a number of benefits. This extra step needn’t be time consuming.
  • If you have an area prone to cracking, we can apply reinforced lining paper.

How long on average does it take to decorate a room?

This is a question which is frequently asked and there is no one answer!  Many factors need to be taken into consideration including condition of the surface, the size of the project, the drying time of solvent based paint versus water based paints.  We would advise on timescales by making a free site visit as to the length of time it will take. 

Do I need to remove pictures from walls and move furniture before work starts?

Yes, we would advise that you remove all pictures from walls of the room to be decorated and furniture will need to be moved to the middle of the room, or preferably out of the room.  Curtains will need to be taken down before we commence with the work.

Do you provide written estimates?

Yes,  we provide full written estimates which show exactly the work we will carry out for the price quoted. 

Will I need scaffolding?

In a lot of cases yes!  If its a couple of windows that need painting then I would be able to do this from a ladder, but for larger jobs, over a certain height and difficult to access areas you will always need scaffolding for health & safety access reasons.